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Saturday, September 17, 2011

So maybe I am obsessed with my bike? Gotta say, I absolutely love riding it around - to school, to the park, down the road, whatever. A friend showed me this sweet biking web site and I just want to say, I think it is awesome.

Reasons why I love to ride my bike:

1. It is so much fun!
2. Often times I can get places way faster than if I walked or drove.
3. It saves the environment (every little bit helps).
4. It saves gas which is getting pretty pricey.
5. I get to explore new sights and enjoy the weather.
6. I meet other awesome people with bikes.

I am on team Promote bicycle culture everywhere!

Last thing I want to say, protect against stolen bikes. It is cruel.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Caterpillar?

What would you do if you saw one of these inching along?

Saw this up Provo canyon today. Didn't even know it existed. 
Still not sure what it is.
Life, is like Never Before.

Each new moment is a surprise. Each new second is unlike the one before. What will the next moment bring?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've heard it compared to burning buildings, tight roping, or climbing up a rock slide - basically it's just school and life and all the craziness that comes with it. So today, I thought . . . I am sinking in my pile of books and quizzes and papers. Time to gear shift.

Sometimes life can feel like this:

And so, maybe I need something like this:

Okay, that is kind of creepy, but ya, I'm just sayin'.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Run lovin'

I don't actually know these girls. I hope they don't mind that I am using this picture. The thing is, my heart goes out to them. This morning I helped out at a high school invitational. I had the best job - working the finish line. This includes handing out water cups, making sure people keep moving and stay in order, and passing out the congratulations. It seems to happen anytime I volunteer, but I realize or re-realize, I am not there for them, they are there for me. Looking into their faces I saw courage and real heart. They put it all on the line, for themselves, for their teammates, for the pure love of racing. Slowly, with each step, each finish, each practice, each race, these girls are creating themselves. They are changing the world.

And then there are those sweet moments. The moments I live for. The two girls from opposing teams, one to the other, "Best sprint I have ever seen!" A boy to his teammate, "Dude, I seriously don't think I could have done that without you." Two girls supporting each other, breathing heavily in the shoot. The kid who comes in last and sprints with all his might. That is heart.

The thing is, racing, it's just like life.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cross Country Camp

Sooo...whenever the end of August runs around, I usually have, well, lots to do before the new school year starts. Cross country camp can all too easily feel like one more thing on the list. It's not optional, so Monday morning after meeting after meeting after meeting, I hopped in the vans with my teammates and rode my little running legs up to park city for the week.
Now I wish I could describe what it is like to be on this team, but I can't. Trying doesn't give it justice, but try I will anyway. It is like being surrounded by thirty four sisters who would do anything for you. They honestly treat you like family - the whole enchilada of give and take. Real opinions come out. But the best part is not only do we lift each other physically and socially, but spiritually. Being around these girls brings be closer to Christ as I watch their examples.

Here we are making bead key chains. I love these girls. This is why I run.