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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lil' bit of r-a-n-d-o-m for the crowd

Cette semaine has been off the hook aka cray zay. But ya know, you can't turn your back on the street.

no comment. Except that I would really love a waffle from Belgium right now. Can't turn your back on the waffles either.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Recommendations and Regrets

I was at the grocery store shaking it up with Lynie, and looked over and saw those chapsticks that come in a little round ball. Let me just confess, I have always wanted one of those. All the cool girls have them, and once my friend got one, and wouldn't let me try it. And if you are anyone who is anyone, you have to have one, so I tossed it in the basket.

Number One: Who ever thought to take the convenient shape of chapstick and turn it into a bulky, awkward roundness, was cray cray. It fits quite awkwardly anywhere in my bag or my pocket, and its nicely just about nowhere. Plus, there is no graceful way to apply it. I can't glide it along my lips, I have to fumble trying to smush it against the corners of my mouth. Round chapstick should be a nogo.

Number Two: It last all about three seconds. Then I might as well reapply. In fact, I guess I could just hold it in the palm of my hand all day; that is the one place it kinda-sorta-not-really fits.

Number Three: I maybe just a little bit feel like a poser.

So if you are wondering, I wouldn't buy one.

On another note, this week I discovered the sweetest app evs. Duolingo. I am strengthening my French, learning Spanish, and I passed level one in German and Italian. This one, is worth it.

Number One: I am addicted. I just want to learn Spanish/French all night long. I love learning languages, and I love this app because it forces you to actually use what you are learning.

Number Two: I have studied in school how language is best acquired, and this app has the research in its pocket. It relies entirely on context clues, and does quite a superb job of scaffolding.

Number Three: It strengthens  listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. Wow, that is pretty much the lot.

So if you want to learn some other language, or even if you are just bored, or even if you are as busy as superman, try the app. I am recommending it.

People are the most important

A friend of mine shared this on faceybook, and I just watched it and cried. Thought I would share. People, all people, should always take care of each other.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I'll take my milk from a chocolate straw

I hate milk. Je ne l'aime pas. Okay, I dislike it. So 95 percent of the time, I don't drink it plain. And I throw out the extra milk from my cereal. Yep, I waste it. But then, the other week, I found this treasure. Choco milk straws. So the premise as follows: put the straw in a glass of milk, place your lips on the straw, suck, and viola, chocolate milk party in the mouth. There is also cookies and cream flavor. I was just shopping around Walmart on a Monday afternoon, and there they were, sitting quietly on the shelf. So I bought them like a thief. The check-out lady didn't even comment or say anything like, "Whoa, cool straws."

Hence, as of late, I have been drinking milk "plain" mostly just because I like using the straws. And I make every other duck who wanders into our apartment try them. So I have been drinking lots of milk. I even used one to finish my cereal milk once. But now I have a question: Am I slightly lactose intolerant? Is that even possible? Because milk doesn't usually make me sick, but I am not so sure...unless it is these straws that are doing the poison.

I haven't decided yet if I am going to stop drinking milk from these straws. But I do think I will be having oatmeal for breakfast, instead of cereal, for the rest of the week. #milkiswierd #strawsareforthecoolkids #maybetheyshouldselltheseatchicfilla

Friday, September 6, 2013

Update: Just got this picture from ma sista

Just got this picture from my sister. This is our kitten, Tigress, just chillin in a basket like a boss.

Instagram with Lives for Hugs: Egyptian Cat Edition

For over half a year, my sista, Annasophia, and I been sending each other a picture of the day. Basically it is like Instagram, revamped. We send each other things we are doing, or random things we saw, or we just hold up our phones and take of shot of whatever and press send. The ultimate compliment is when someone says "artsy" back. That means you took a pretty great shot.

But the other day, my sister sent me this picture:

Okay, what is going on here? I just keep looking at it too. I mean, that is what I do when I am bored, or stressed, or silly, I put a piece of bread over my head and talk like a robot. And it is interesting too because a few days before she sent me a picture of a cat looking in a puddle at its reflection which was a lion. So, is that cat doing that cat-thing, and trying to look like a lion? Because if he is, he has nothing on my cat, Tigress.

And so I just wanted to share this picture with all of you. When you are bored/stressed/don'tknowwhattodo, just remember, You are bread. Whatevs that means.

P.S. Sometimes I call my sister by her Indian name: She lives for hugs.

Oh and just for your enjoyment. We both get up pretty dang early. So one morning, I sent her a picture of me looking tired, and she responded with her tired picture. Featured below for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Answer to Life's Questions, every single one

We are all people. We are all looking for answers. We all want to know what is important, and we all want to feel loved.

I can promise you that there is a God, Heavenly Father, who loves you more than you can imagine. He wants you to feel His love and to feel full. So he restored Christ's gospel, the same Gospel that was established when Christ was on the earth, so that you could come closer to him and feel really joy and love.

This I know is true.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Two Kinds

There are two kinds of chocolate chip cookies: the soft buttery kind and the crumbly oaty kind. I am one hundred percent those crumbly oaty kind. Especially the kind that come out of my mama's oven. But today I ate a soft buttery chocolate chip cookie just because it was there and I was hungry. I mean some people don't even have chocolate chips cookies at all. In France, we tried really hard to make Madam host mother some chocolate chips cookies, but we couldn't find any of the ingredients. And the ingredients we did find, were a little off. So we tried okay. But back to America, there are two types of chocolate chips cookies out there, and one type is boss over the other.

It is the same with cleaning house. There are two types of cleaners out there: those who clean and those who don't. I prefer the former, 'cause I just love myself a vacuumed living room and spotless kitchen. And because of my particular tastes, it makes it pretty much necessary to spend some time cleaning. But I recently learned of a new way to clean called T-Rex cleaning. Basically it goes like this: as you are cleaning you just think about how much harder it would be if you were a T-Rex. Can you even imagine? Trying to vacuum with those little arms? Or do the dishes? You would basically have to be taking a bath in your dish water. And your face would be all squished up against the window when you cleaned the blinds. And why even ever clean the floor? You would probably have to lie down to do it and T-Rexes are dirty, so the floor would probably get dirtier, not cleaner.

Ya so I am super glad I am not a T-Rex. And super glad I have a clean apartment. Now I think I will go into my clean kitchen and make some dancing chocolate chips cookies, and while I am doing it, I will remember how grateful I am to be human, not T-Rex, because making chocolate chip cookies wouldn't be super easy either.