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Sunday, June 2, 2013

France: Week 3 and 4

This is me in France looking out my window after church today at one of the first sunny days in Paris in the past four weeks. In the past two weeks I have learned quite a bit about French culture, French language, and about life. I took a weekend trip down to Marseilles and met this missionary couple that taught me so much simply through their example. As I watched them interact with the YSA's they were called over, they radiated with love. What is more, they shared that same love with each of us. They even made us a super good lunch so we could go on a day trip with the rest of the YSA kids. At the top of the city, outside Notre-Dame de la Garde, I asked the wife is she was excited to go home, back to America, in two weeks. She said that actually she wasn't. She loves it here, and is really going to miss all the people. What an example she was to me of just living and loving wherever you are. Afterward, we sat inside the beautiful cathedral and listened to the music. I honestly haven't been homesick since. As Sister Dalton reminded me "What-e'er thou art, act well they part."

I have tried a lot of crazy food (most of which was crazy good) and seen some little towns that were voted the most beautiful in France. They were absolutely gorgeous! I decided I prefer to hug people instead of kiss their cheek, and would rather be served by an American waiter than a French waiter any day. In France the tip and the tax are already included in the price, and waiting tables is not all about the customer. Call me spoiled, but I find it rude when a waiter isn't extremely nice. Also, the water in the Mediterranean, at least of the coast of France, is so extremely clear! Pistachio is my new favorite flavor of ice cream. Modern art just barely beats impressionism in my book. And seafood is only getting better and better - fish has probably won out as my all time favorite meat. Muscles are pretty great too.

So I have been here for a month now, but it really just feels like a blink of an eye. I can't wait to each American breakfasts again, although I sure am going to miss the bread and croissants and cheese. And the Kinder Beuenos aka the my new favorite candy bar (plus the other Kinder versions). They really need to start selling those in the US of A.

Photos from Week Three

Just a sign I found somewhere in Lyon.

The remains of a Roman village.
We got to go through and explore all of it.

Off the coast of Marseilles.

Notre-Dame de la Garde is definitely my favorite
cathedral I have ever seen.

Photos from Week 4

Escargot was not that great.

The precursor to shopping malls these were
hidden between streets.

Modern art!

Always a rainy day at a castle.

Duck. was. seriously. so. good. (sorry it is

This village was voted the prettiest in all of France.

The pilgrims would climb these stairs on their knees.

When in France...try fois gras?

Whew, was that enough pictures or what?

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  1. Are all these pictures in your Google plus albums? I don't think I have the very first one of you by the window, and I don't know about some of the others.