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Monday, March 25, 2013

Lovin' me some middle school

Today I wore my black polka-dot skirt: the one that was a Christmas present back in the twilight days of my middle school experience - oh so classy. I put it on, sassed it up with a belt, and was on my way to teach middle school. Just lovin me some middle school I guess. I tried to imagine what my students would say if I told them about my vintage skirt. Do I have a really old skirt? or yes, I am just a really young teacher. Either way, this skirt has made its full circle.

Brown with Black and strips a polka-dots.
This would make my grandma Joanie shiver.
After deciding I wanted to be a teacher, I thought I wanted to teach high school, but for my practicum experience, I was assigned seventh grade. But, lately I have been thinking more and more that maybe I actually want to teach middle school. I always knew I would enjoy it, but honestly, I think I might even prefer it.

1. The kids are so stinkin funny. They do the cutest, strangest, most innocent or spacey things and it just isn't a big deal.

2. I love seeing them rise to the occasion and accomplish some pretty monumental stuff. Hold them to a high standard and they will rise to the occasion.

3. There isn't this huge distinction between class or social status or even coolness. They are all pretty much just sittin their little touches in my classroom, all interacting with each other on the same level - more or less.

4. They are just starting to grow into their unique selves; which is beautiful.

5. They still love to learn. Even those who say they don't love to learn, still love it. I can see it. They can't help but be interested in the lesson. Okay so there are still those who put their head on their desks and fall asleep, or those who throw little pieces of paper across the room all class period, but I can see it in even them, they can't help but learn something. The curiosity hasn't been beaten out of them yet.

So maybe, just maybe, don't hold me to it yet, but maybe middle school is for me. Helpin those sassafras students become life-long learners, or at least doing my best to head them in the right direction.


  1. You describe middle school perfectly. I agree with you - it is a great age to teach!

  2. I loved my years teaching in middle school (junior high). You make such good points about why it's such a kick. And wearing your own middle school skirt? Too fun.

  3. I love middle school, as well. Middle schoolers really grow on you--for some reason or another.

    "The kids are so stinkin funny. They do the cutest, strangest, most innocent or spacey things and it just isn't a big deal."--that's a middle schooler in a nutshell, alright! Loved this post.

  4. I've been teaching middle school for 14 years, and I still love it! There is never a dull day. And you are absolutely right, they many not admit they love learning, but secretly they do.

  5. I spent most of my teaching/counseling career in the middle school. One year we had budget cuts and one of the high school teachers was moved to the middle school. She was so upset. Afte a week I saw her in the hall and asked how things were. She said," I love this. The students actually ask questions and seem interested." At that time...three girls passed us and said, "Mrs. Smith, what are we doing in histroy today?" She looked at me and said..."I never heard that in the high school." So, yes, I think middle school is the best.

  6. I have been thinking lately about what a good teacher you are - when I would watch you teach violin and the student would be having a meltdown or being totally uncooperative, you would be so understanding. You would say you remembered what it was like to be a student and feel like it was too hard to do. This post makes me think of the same thing. You will be an amazing teacher!

  7. I love how you described the middle school students. As the parent of a 7th grader, I applaud all the middle school teachers, who can deal with the day to day quirks.